Health Coaching is For YOU!!

Welcome potential client!! I recently completed Dr. Sears Master Program for Health Coaching.  This Master’s program gave me skills to use a science based approach for helping others change behaviors and add sustainable habits. I was not just taught this science based approach, but practiced it on volunteers. The unanimous feedback from all my volunteers was that the experience was very positive, enjoyable, and achievable!!  Above all, “YOU”, the client, are the super star in the process. Your story, your circumstances, your readiness, your decisions, and your needs are foundational to the process. I become your trusted agent, your educator, your guide, and your partner along your health journey.  I adhere to federal standards to protect your privacy.This Master’s class has put me above my peers in terms of performing effectively, and I am pursuing another Health Coach goal!

Free Health Coaching Offer!

Successful completion of the Master’s class qualifies me to sit for the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) exam. It is based upon extensive research and countless hours of work by the top professionals in the industry and represents the profession’s highest standard. To apply for this exam, I must complete 50 coaching sessions. Therefore, I am offering 4 Health Coaching sessions for the next 3 months at no charge to you. This is a limited time offer on a first come first serve basis, because once I achieve the fifty sessions, I need to focus & prepare for this very comprehensive exam. Subsequently when I am board certified, I will launch my Health Coach Business. This is a great opportunity for both of us. Most people do not understand exactly what a health coach does…. so why not try it out for yourself? There are many forms of coaching out there and many ways to get a coaching title. By comparison, I’m providing you a proven science based method for sustained positive change.

Our first session is an introduction to my services and for us to decide if health coaching is a good fit for you. Therefore, you are not obligated in any way. So, why not give it a try? My contact information is on my webpage. I invite you to contact me, so we can set up an appointment for the first introductory session. If you have a computer or smart phone and internet, I can set us up remotely. No worries if you don’t know exactly what goal you’d like to work on. I’ll help you figure that out. I wish you the best of health!!!  Coach Donna